Movie Review: Ad Astra

Simple Review: Brad’s bad space-dad

Greetings fellow film fanatics! I have missed our little expeditions into the wonderful world of cinema and I finally have a reason to invite you all back into my life, the new film Ad Astra. Who doesn’t get excited at the prospect of a new science fiction movie? The added benefit of reviewing this particular sci-fi feature is that it stars Brad Pitt so I might actually get some female readers this time! With that in mind, I will try my best to bring my A-game to this review so as to impress the ladies with my wit and charm. So let’s take our protein pills and put our helmets on to explore this space oddity for the verdict on Ad Astra. Continue reading “Movie Review: Ad Astra”

Movie Review: First Man

Simple Review: Lunar Rhapsody

This may be a weekend for the history books: two excellent films in one weekend! I know, I am shocked as well. I have been looking forward to First Man since I first watched the trailer, and I even splurged on the IMAX showing of the film. I know, I know IMAX is a little pricey but you have got to live a little. I am glad I did, as the moon landing scenes were worth the extra cash. Before I rocket ahead of myself, let me launch into this review of a film that I found to be out of this world. In space, no one can hear you complain about my puns! ( Alien reference, I am unstoppable) Continue reading “Movie Review: First Man”