Nine Underrated Horror Movies

As we reach the finish line of the Halloween season, I have one last treat to toss into your Halloween bucket. Every horror movie fan can rattle off a list of the best horror movies ever and, just as quickly, they can name the worst ever made. The best part of horror movie fandom is we tend to love the bad ones as much as the great ones. There is another category of horror movie that isn’t quite good enough to make the “best of” list but definitely rises above the bottom dwellers of the genre. Through intensive scientific research involving technology and concepts your primitive intellect wouldn’t understand ( Who got that reference?), I have compiled a list of nine underrated horror movie you should watch if you dare. Why nine? Ten seems too obvious and eleven would cause me to endlessly reference This is Spinal Tap. So allow me to indulge my artistic eccentricity and scare the pee pee out of you! Continue reading “Nine Underrated Horror Movies”

Movie Review: Halloween(2018)

Simple Review: Better than a full-size candy bar in your Halloween bag!

If you are a fan of 70’s and 80’s horror films there are three names that are considered horror royalty: Michael, Jason, and Freddy. Of the three, Michael Myers holds a special place in our hearts as the first of the unstoppable serial killers and, in this humble bloggers opinion, the scariest. There is just something about that white, emotionless Captain Kirk mask that sends a shiver down my spine. Unlike Freddy and Jason, Michael Myers never became comic relief in the Halloween series. Yes, the original is head and shoulders above the inferior sequels and reimaginings, but they all treated Michael Myers as a brutal killing machine that you rarely routed for. ( There were some characters, however, that NEEDED Michaels special attention) Director David Gordon Green brings us the return of original masked killer in his movie Halloween(2018), trying to resurrect this franchise. Is it a trick or a treat? Read on to find out, but hurry he is right behind you! (made you look) Continue reading “Movie Review: Halloween(2018)”