Movie Review: Ford v Ferrari

Simple Review: ” If you ain’t first, you’re last!”

This may be a first in the long and storied history of The Movie Psycho movie review blog: reviewing two good movies in a row! I could go back through my older posts and check but I am far too lazy to waste my time on such things as research so let’s just go with my initial theory. After enjoying the somewhat flawed Doctor Sleep, I went to see the latest film from one of my favorite actors, Christian Bale, Ford v Ferrari. Imagine my delight as I walked out of the theater knowing that I will actually be able to recommend two movies…in a row! I like to inflate my ego by imagining that Hollywood big wigs are reading my reviews and have realized their movie-making mistakes and are now going to put out quality films instead of cash grabs. Hey, it is my blog and my fantasy, if you don’t like it start your own damn blog. Sorry, my A.D.D is kicking in so let’s steer this review onto the track and pray to Tom Cruise that we make it to the finish line. Continue reading “Movie Review: Ford v Ferrari”

Movie Review: Vice

Simple Review: Bale to the Chief, or The Vice is Right

There are some movies that are crowd pleasers that bring us all together to share a heartwarming story. Well, Vice is not that movie and writer/director Adam McKay doesn’t seem too interested in making one feel good about the subject matter. I have to admit as a frequent moviegoer it was nice to watch a movie that challenges you and makes you uncomfortable from time to time. Vice deals with periods in American history that lend themselves to controversial views as well as not painting the people in them as heroes to the country. It would be simple to show this time and these people in one ugly light but, to his credit, Adam McKay is able to bring more to the table than just bashing politicians. Does Vice win in a landslide, or does it have to give an awkward concession speech that no one will ever remember? The only way to find out is to meet me in the parking garage of this review where Deep Throat will give us the dirty details we want to hear. ( That is a historical reference and it sounds so dirty!! See I am smart and naughty as well) Continue reading “Movie Review: Vice”