THE ten best Arnold movies EVAHHH

Good Evening fellow film fanatics!! Today is a special day for us. It is the birthday of THE GREATEST ACTION HERO IN FILM HISTORY the Austrian Oak himself, ARNOLD Schwarzenegger!! To celebrate, I gathered a list of the top ten Arnold movies ever. I know what you are thinking, ” How original, a top ten list.” While your sarcasm is appreciated, this list is different. The other sites might make a list, but I worked for hours gathering all the scientifically proven data to give you THE definitive top ten list of Arnold movies. Now, don’t worry about me, the blood, sweat and tears were worth it for me, to give you, the reader, the best of the best!! I care about you, those others are just using you!! So, after putting the data into the bat-computer, here is the list:

10. Twins- Yes, a surprise to start our journey. This is just a fun movie with Arnold taking his first role in a true comedy. He plays the innocent Julius with a nice touch of goofy silliness. Casting Danny DeVito as his twin brother, Vincent, was great, as Danny plays that scumbag with a heart of gold character to perfection. There are some great laughs and if you haven’t seen it I recommend seeing Arnold in a role that might surprise you!

9. The Running Man- While a personal favorite, this action flick does have it’s flaws. Arnold, plays Ben Richa…well Arnold plays Arnold, and fights his way through a violent futuristic game show. The action and Arnold one-liners are fun, and Richard Dawson chews up scenery as the main villain. Unfortunately, the bad guys Arnold has to fight, aren’t much of a threat to our hero. I will say, this flick does nail some of the craziness the reality TV has brought into our culture.

8. Pumping Iron- Ahhh, the one that put Arnold on the map!! A great documentary following Arnold as he trains for the MR. Universe competition. This is Arnold at the height of his bodybuilding career. He dominates the competition, and let’s every one know they don’t stand a chance. It is an interesting insight into Arnold, and shows his personal drive and charisma that made him a star. The scenes with Arnold playing mind games on poor Lou Ferigno are priceless.

7. True Lies- This is probably Arnold’s last great action movie. He is a spy fighting terrorists, while keeping his job a secret fro his wife, the always wonderful Jamie Lee Curtis. The movie has a great blend of humor and action, showcasing all of the actors best qualities. James Cameron delivers his nod to James Bond in a way only he could. The scene with Jamie Lee getting pulled out of a crashing car by Arnold hanging out of a helicopter is worth the price of admission!! ( And she didn’t use a stunt double!!)

6. Terminator 2- Arnold’s return to his iconic role is a non-stop action ride! James Cameron throws everything he can at you to keep you on the edge of your seat. You can tell Arnold is having a great time playing this character again. And if you think Linda Hamilton is a damsel in distress, you are sadly mistaken!! She brings the bad ass to match Arnold step for step!! This would have been higher on the list, but I did not like Edward Furlong as John Conner. Hey, it’s my blog so get over it!!!

5. Total Recall- Arnold+ Paul Verhoeven= Gloriously, gory carnage! I could tell you about the plot and acting, but whatever, this movie is ultra-violent and ultra fun!! Here is all you need to know about this one, Arnold rips a guys arms off!!! If that isn’t enough to get you to watch, you are dead to me…

4. Commando- Don’t roll your eyes, this is one of his best. The bad guys kidnap Arnold’s daughter, and quickly realize that was an incredibly bad idea. This movie is so much fun!!! The one-liners fly, and so do the bullets. I quote this movie all the time, with a smile on my face. If you want to see Arnold crush an entire army by himself, this is the one. Bonus, you’ll see him beat up a Freddie Mercury-on-steroids bad guy! “Come on, Bennett, let’s party” Hell yeah!!!!

3. The Terminator- I prefer this to the sequel. This is a horror movie, disguised as a sci-fi action movie. Arnold plays the Terminator to perfection. He is brutal and merciless as he chases down Sarah Conner. Make no mistake, Arnold is not the hero of this one. He is  scary as hell, and he is unstoppable!!! I remember seeing this with my dad, when I was a kid, and we were on the edge of our seats the whole time!  This is simply perfect casting, and Arnold owning this role!!

2. Conan the Barbarian- If Pumping Iron put him on the map, this one sent him into stardom!! As with The Terminator, this is a case of perfect casting. He IS Conan PERIOD!! John Milius puts Arnie in a violent, sword and sorcery playground, and he chews it up. The funny thing is, he only says like 8 words, but he can just give a look and you know, as an audience, he is going to bring havoc to the bad guys. The cast is amazing, the music is amazing, the violence is over the top and Arnold shines all the way though it!! CROM!

1.Predator- What is there to say about this movie?? This is number one because if it is on, I HAVE to watch it. At this point in his career, the bad guys he fought just weren’t a threat to the Austrian Oak. This one solves the problem, Arnold vs. A seven- foot tall alien hunter!! Brilliant!! The cast is all manly men and they are not here for feelings or emotions, they are here to fight this creature to the death! So many great moments and great quotes it should be illegal! This is Arnold in all of his action hero glory!! By the end, he is exhausted, and so are we!! Do you know why Predator didn’t win the best picture Oscar? Because the Oscar isn’t manly enough to handle this movie!!

So, there you go, the Best Arnold flicks ever!! Don’t agree feel free to comment and let me know. You are wrong, of course, but it’s a free country!!

Thanks for your time

The Movie Psycho

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